22 More Signs You Might be a Prepper

I’m a prepper.  I previously posted, First 10 Signs You Might Be a Prepper. I’m at it again with 22 more signs you might be a prepper.

“Prepper” sounds like such a harsh word. It took me many years to come out of the pantry and admit I was a prepper. Coming out of the pantry helped me find tons of people with similar interests. It’s been very liberating.

Preppers look at the world differently than other people. This unique outlook lends itself to plenty of humor. Yes, people point the finger of ridicule at us now-and-then, but that doesn’t mean we can’t smile at ourselves, too. I hope you share a smile or a laugh.

Signs you might be a prepper …

1) You and your spouse have arguments about bugging out vs bugging in.
2) You substitute freeze dried foods into your favorite recipes
3) You prefer wide-mouth Ball jars.
4) You prefer regular-mouth Ball jars.
5) You look for BPA free plastics.
6) You’ve ever said, “BPA,” … ever.
7) Your pantry feels too small.
8) Your child’s first word was, “Pectin!”
9) You’ve done both hot water bath and pressure canning.
10) You ignore city-wide do-not-drink warnings on tap water, because your filter “can handle it.”
11) You own a rain barrel.
12) You built your bed-frame, … out of canned goods.
13) You want to take your house off the grid, but you still hate
“tree huggers.”
14) You hate National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers, because they’re always doing “it” wrong.
15) Anyone has ever used the word “orchard” while describing your lawn.
16) You know the difference between a clip and a magazine.
17) You only buy ammo with reloadable cases.
18) You spend more time at the shooting range than the grocery store.
19) You have duct tape storage.
20) You own a summer and a winter sleeping bag.
21) You’re mentally taking notes as you read this list.
22) Someone sent you this list.

First 10 Signs, “You Might be a Prepper …”

You might be a prepper, if …

1) You look at your neighbor’s dandelion filled lawn and think,

2) While visiting Cape Canaveral, you spot astronaut ice cream in the gift shop and ask, “What’s the shelf life?”

3) You look for wood stoves at the department store.

4) You see a wood stove and want to know if you can cook on it.

5) You end up not buying the wood stove of your dreams, because your rocket stove is more fuel efficient.

6) You landscape based on plant edibility.

7) While on family vacation, you scout good bug-out locations.

8) You catch your spouse browsing websites on paracord arts and crafts.

9) You walk into a room and count the exits.

10) You bought a house, because of its garden and fruit trees.