Socialism Destroyed Venezuela

Those familiar with South America are familiar with the plight of Venezuela. Venezuela is one of the most resource-rich countries in the world. Just over a decade ago, it was the envy of the emerging markets.

Then the people fell for Socialism. Everyone likes free stuff, and Socialism offers lots and lots of free stuff. Taking money from people through taxes isn’t really stealing. After all, everyone—especially the wealthy—should pay their fare share.

Venezuela elected a socialist government. The socialist government proceeded to do what socialists always do when they get power. They started taking other people’s stuff in hopes of giving away more free stuff to their voters.

As they say, “The only problem with Socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s stuff to give away.”

That’s exactly what happened. Venezuela, the envy of the Spanish speaking world, managed to go bankrupt giving away everything they could take.

Politicians love socialism. It turns out to be a perfectly legal way of buying votes. No government in the world declares voting when you’re on the government dole a conflict of interest, so voters around the world get bribed by socialist politicians to vote for more Socialism.

Of course, you can’t spread Socialism if people realize how badly it turned out for Venezuela, Italy, Greece, and even **gasp** Nazi Germany. So the propaganda machines spun up to tell everyone that Venezuela isn’t all that bad off.

My favorite propaganda piece came out today, criticizing anyone who would characterize Venezuela as having Hyperinflation. According to the official government numbers, they only have 70% inflation this year. That isn’t hyperinflation, so things aren’t so bad in Venezuela.

Um, … The official number might be 70% this year, but they have a history of playing with numbers so socialism doesn’t look bad. Last year, the official number was 68%, but a little math showed the real number to be around 800%.

Do a little math. If a gallon of milk cost $3 and you get hit with an annual inflation of 800%, in one year that $3 gallon of milk becomes $24, but by the end of year two, guess what? That $3 gallon of milk is now $192.

Most of my liberal-socialism-loving friends still don’t think that things could be that bad in Venezuela. It’s just more conspiracy theories by those nutty Republicans. 70% official inflation is nowhere near the 12,000% threshold of real hyperinflation. After all, it’s not like Venezuelans needs wheelbarrows of money to buy groceries, right?

It might be worth noting, Bloomberg is reporting today that Venezuelans have stopped counting cash and now weigh the piles necessary to buy items.

No, they don’t need wheelbarrows, yet. Long live socialism!

Seriously, … every Democracy or Republic should pass a law that only allows people paying more in taxes than they get in handouts from the government to be allowed to vote. If you don’t eliminate this voting-yourself-other-people’s-money, we’re going to see every Democracy or Republic eventually fall to the fallacy of Socialism.

Acorns as Food

It doesn’t take a keen eye to spot the massive bur oak acorns next to regular sized acorns.

Acorns make great prepper food, because most people have no idea how to make acorns edible. Almost no one looks at an acorn and thinks “food!” That’s because they aren’t edible until they’ve been processed properly.

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Democrat Corruption

Here’s my absolutely favorite quote of the week …

“They’re so absurdly corrupt and villainous that simply reporting on their actual behavior makes you sound like a fringe nutcase in an aluminum foil hat.”

Matt Walsh gave this quote while describing the Clinton Campaign and Democratic Party corruption outlined in recently leaked emails (Oct 2016.) Of course traditional news outlets like NBC and CNN don’t report any of the insanely outlandish conspiracies the Democrat leadership admits to in their emails. The regular news outlets ignore the truth–refusing to report it–and then claim the media is all slanted towards Conservatism. Pretty ironic that most liberals fall for that line, but they do.

I like the quote, because it describes what conservatives and preppers have been up against for many years. We warn people about the consequences of their behavior or lack of planning and we instantly become cooks. Then when we’re proven right, the same naysayers say, “It doesn’t matter anyway,” or we’re told we’re conspiracy nuts when we point to proof of what we said being true. Vindication doesn’t get us any relief from the hate and name calling we have to put up with constantly.

Most (not all) of the hate and finger pointing preppers and conservatives endure comes from liberal Democrats. Their leaders convince them that all is well and anyone that says otherwise is a liar or crazy. Then to keep their minions in line, the liberal leadership shouts, “Look! Global Warming, … or … Look! Evil Rich White Male!” And most liberals fall for it. Life is easier when you can believe you’re not the source of many of your own fears and problems.

Meanwhile, WWIII gets closer and the biggest economic crash sneaks up on us without most of the mindless masses having any idea what’s really going on. I’m a conspiracy nut for discussing either of them, now. And once they’re recorded history, “It won’t matter anyway.”