Making Sense of Liberals

Liberal values are the PC culture. Universal Tolerance. Free Love. Equal Rights. Big Caring Governments. All-Knowing and Highly Paid Educators.

We are surrounded by Liberal values. The government embraces them. Main stream media evangelizes them. We all know them, because we grew up seeing Liberal values progressively permeate society.

Conservatives are worried by Liberals, though. Conservatives keep saying Liberals’ decisions on what they love and hate make no sense given their stated value system. Once the Three Laws of Liberalism are understood, the seeming contradictions fade away.

Think about the following seeming contradictions.

  • Why would Liberals that claim to value women’s rights embrace  Muslim groups and countries that demand women be treated as second-class-citizens and not as equals to men?
  • Why would Liberal organizations that demand tolerance, support riots and pay for violence over Conservative laws and Conservative officials being elected?
  • Why would Liberal groups that scream about Bush’s waterboarding, stand up for Castro and Saddam Hussein who ripped people’s bodies to pieces, torturing them them to death?
  • Why would Liberal organizations that spend millions (maybe billions) of dollars protecting lives of a handful of convicted mass murders … because all life is sacred, … praise the snuffing out of hundreds of millions of innocent unborn children’s lives?

The list of seeming contradictions in Liberal mentality seem to go on and on. Any Conservative can add other contradictions to the above list.

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Google to Determine Truth

Google has announced it will start punishing “Fake News” sites by refusing to display ads on their articles. Google made this announcement after the 2016 USA election did not go the way all the Main Stream Media announced it would. Google and other liberal companies publicly blame the major news networks’ failure to get their candidate elected on third-party news sites. They are certain they can have their political way, if they can only shutdown any non-approved news outlets.

So the question is, Will Google punish NBC, CNN, and other sites for presenting skewed/fake polling data? You know, multi-million-dollar fake news sites that function as propaganda outlets for certain political parties? The “real” news sites that present skewed polls intentionally to get voters to vote the way everyone else supposedly is voting?

Not likely.

So, if Google’s employees don’t like your news, or find it inconvenient, you can expect to be labeled “fake” and have your advertising revenue cut. Google should be warned that MicroSoft played games like this ten years ago, and now they lost their main OS monopoly to an upstart OS called Android. Google may find itself marginalized (along with their OS and search engine) if it steps on enough consumer toes.

Many disgruntled Internet users are suggesting the use of instead of Google as a boycott of Google’s censorship efforts. I’ve found myself using duckduckgo more often these days, too.