Willful Ignorance

Most people are willfully ignorant. Meaning, people have more access to knowledge than any other generation in the world, but don’t have a clue about the world they live in or common sense knowledge.

For proof, I say look no farther than the US Military’s confession that UAPs are real.

Those are UFOs to us non-military types.

This has been common knowledge to anyone that actually follows news and current events, but I feel confident that if you asked 100 people randomly ANYWHERE in the USA, “Did you know the US Military publicly acknowledged UFOs are real and they track them daily?” you would get a bunch of shocked people who’d think you were nuts.

There is my proof that most people are willfully ignorant. How could you not know something like that?

Most people wouldn’t know truth if it bit them, not because it is so hard to comprehend, but because they don’t care. Besides cat videos are more entertaining.