Death of Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh died this week. He was a good man who stood for freedom and the defense of the Constitution of the United States of America. He did much good and fought to stop the secret combinations trying to destroy our country and corrupt our culture. Only those entrenched in the sins associated with Liberalism rejoiced at his passing.

In my lifetime, tens of millions of unborn babies have been killed by their mothers with the help of doctors. It is now considered evil to use the words “Father”, “Mother”, “Aunt”, “Uncle”, etc. Referring to a woman as “she” or a man as “he” can get you fired at work. Murderers are rarely executed, while pushes are being made to make it legal to kill children under the age of four years at the whim of their parents. In many places, children are trained by the government in matters of sex starting as soon as they enter school. Children’s genitalia are mutilated by the government without any power by their parents to stop it. Children are now trained to hate God, Christ, freedom of speech, the Constitution, and anyone of European decent.

Speaking out against any of this can result in death or destruction of personal property by the roving mobs that frequent many of the nation’s cities. And, when any of this is reported on the sanctioned news outlets, it is spoken of as a good thing.

Never has this level of evil entered any European country or colony since the fall of Rome 1500 years ago, and yet it is here now and in most countries influenced by Europe. I feel uneasy about the situation in my country. I feel as if the judgments of God hang over us as a nation. He will not protect us from our enemies much longer, because of the many horrible sins we as a nation are guilty of.

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