Easter and Christ

Easter is the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Resurrection is the return of our spirit to our body after death. The body is made perfect (not a zombie or skeleton: – ). Christ was the first one resurrected.

Christ literally walked away from death, and then started resurrecting people who had died before Him. Have you met anyone that has been resurrected? Probably not, but how would you know?

Christ has said that all the remaining dead who were righteous in life will be resurrected soon. Also, everyone else a thousand years later after paying the price for their bad behavior.

What about people that were bad for part (or all) of their life because of their upbringing, or other challenges? What if they changed their ways? Will they be part of the group resurrected soon? Or, will they have to suffer for a thousand years first?

That brings up the second part of Christ’s gift to us. He took on the suffering of everyone that ever lived and ever will live. He suffered all of that. Every injury. Every bad day. Every pain and sickness. He took on all of that so when it is time to decide if anyone will have to suffer for mistakes that they would not do again if they had a choice, He can mercifully let it slide. He can also take away all that pain, because He’s already suffered it. He has that right.

So what about Easter and Christ? Easter is the day that Christ gave us back every dead relative, our own lives, and paid for our suffering so it can stop, forever.

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