Making Sense of Liberals

Liberal values are the PC culture. Universal Tolerance. Free Love. Equal Rights. Big Caring Governments. All-Knowing and Highly Paid Educators.

We are surrounded by Liberal values. The government embraces them. Main stream media evangelizes them. We all know them, because we grew up seeing Liberal values progressively permeate society.

Conservatives are worried by Liberals, though. Conservatives keep saying Liberals’ decisions on what they love and hate make no sense given their stated value system. Once the Three Laws of Liberalism are understood, the seeming contradictions fade away.

Think about the following seeming contradictions.

  • Why would Liberals that claim to value women’s rights embrace  Muslim groups and countries that demand women be treated as second-class-citizens and not as equals to men?
  • Why would Liberal organizations that demand tolerance, support riots and pay for violence over Conservative laws and Conservative officials being elected?
  • Why would Liberal groups that scream about Bush’s waterboarding, stand up for Castro and Saddam Hussein who ripped people’s bodies to pieces, torturing them them to death?
  • Why would Liberal organizations that spend millions (maybe billions) of dollars protecting lives of a handful of convicted mass murders … because all life is sacred, … praise the snuffing out of hundreds of millions of innocent unborn children’s lives?

The list of seeming contradictions in Liberal mentality seem to go on and on. Any Conservative can add other contradictions to the above list.

Making Sense of Liberal Decisions

What could spur supposedly rational people to uphold and preach these blatant contradictions?

The answer is that you have to know the Liberal’s real value system. Realize that their stated value system, is always overridden by three immutable laws. When evaluated by the stated Liberal value system, the Liberal behavioral contradictions make no sense. However, when you add three rules to their decision making, you will find the contradictions really aren’t contradictions.

These are the Three Laws of Liberalism. Apply them with the #1 law overriding laws #2 and #3. The second law always overrides law #3. All three laws override any other value claimed by Liberalism. Any time you find a seeming contradiction in Liberals’ views or behavior, come back to these laws.

Three Laws of Liberalism

Liberal Law #1

Thou shalt oppose Judeo-Christian values.

Liberals feel that Judeo-Christian values (and by extension, Jews, Christians, and the Bible) must be destroyed. The easiest list to oppose is the ten commandments, because it is a convenient checklist. However, all teachings of the Bible, especially Christ must be undermined, eliminated or at the very least be modified to fit in with Liberal values.

Liberals will eventually stand by ANYONE that displays hatred of Jews, Christians, or Judeo-Christian values. Depending on the cultural repulsion of an individual’s behavior, Liberals may not immediately embrace someone publicly, but eventually, they will praise anyone that publicly obeys Liberal Law #1.

They will eventually HATE anyone that publicly praises Christ, the Bible, Christians or Jews. You will find that even the most ardent champion of Liberal values will become enemy-number-one in Liberal minds if the person or group appears to break Liberal Law #1.

Liberal Law #2

Thou shalt not interfere with my immediate pleasure.

Liberals are all about “my freedom” and “my pleasure”, right now, no matter what the cost to other people or their own communities. Even future costs to the individual should be overlooked if immediate pleasure is available. Other people’s life experiences should be sacrificed for my current life experience, in the Liberal mind, when the immediate pleasure attained is great enough.

To the Liberal, my freedom and my pleasure are valued above anyone else’s pleasure or freedom. It is okay to limit other people’s (or group’s) freedoms and pleasure as long as it improves my freedom or my pleasure.

To the Liberal, … Me trumps you. Me trumps us. I am more important than they. I should not be inconvenienced by you, … whoever or whatever that “you” is, even when “you” is the future me.

Liberal Law #3

Thou shalt not Suffer Consequences.

Liberals feel all consequences must be mitigated. This is closely related to Liberal Law #2, because it affects my pleasure if I suffer consequences because of my actions.

To the Liberal, … If “I” could suffer from the consequence someday, the unpleasantness needs to be prevented. No matter how inconceivable that the Liberal individual might suffer some consequence, if it could happen, then the consequence must not be horrible.

Applying the Three Laws of Liberalism

Now, the Three Laws of Liberalism are not the values Liberals claim to embrace. Most will state they don’t believe them and are offended by them. Seriously though, test those three rules to any bizarre Liberal behavior that makes no sense, and you will find the rules work.

Let’s apply them to the few contradictions listed above.

  • Liberals embrace groups and countries that treat women poorly, if they obey Liberal Law #1. If those countries or groups publicly hate and repress Christianity (and Judaism) then every other behavior, no matter how repulsive, can be overlooked, eventually. If the countries or groups don’t embrace Liberal Law #1, they won’t get a free pass for repressing women.
  • Liberals participate in riots that burn down their own communities, because of rule #2. Right this second, it feels pleasurable to express their hate for something, so get out of their way and let them blow off a little steam.
  • Liberal groups and sponsors pay for violent protestors to show up at events, if the sponsor of the event professes Christian belief or support. That falls in line with Liberal Law #1, and we all know the Three Laws of Liberalism trump peace, love, and tolerance.
  • Liberals overlook the horrific tortures ordered by Saddam and Castro, because they obeyed Liberal Law #1. Both publicly professed hatred of the Bible, Jews and Christianity. Eventually Castro and Saddam had to be embraced by Liberals, because they publicly valued Liberal Law #1.
  • Bush publicly accepted and praised Judeo-Christian values. He had to be hated by Liberals, no matter what, because that is Liberal Law #1.
  • An adult Liberal is like any other human, and gets into arguments and loses their temper now and then. This act could conceivable, though unlikely, result in violence and an accidental death. Liberal Law #3 states that Liberals must mitigate potential consequences of one’s actions. Thus, murderers should receive lenient sentences. That is how a mass murderer of 100’s of teenagers can get a decade or two in prison instead of the death sentence in a Liberal-run country.
  • Liberal Law #2 states that abortion is OK, because my freedom and pleasure are more important than anyone else’s freedom or pleasure. Yes, hundreds of millions of abortions have happened in our lifetime. To put that in perspective, all the genocides, mass graves, butcherings of Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Communist China, and various other nations around the world combined do not add up to the same incredibly high numbers of unborn unique lives ended by abortion. However, Liberal Law #2 is immutable. Therefore, in the Liberal mind, abortion is a choice and not infanticide.


Now for the exceptions. Some people were raised by Liberals, but have conservative leanings. They may never have even met a conservative other than the bizarre stereotypes used to portray them on TV and in movies. These people usually don’t completely share belief in all Three Laws of Liberalism, so you’ll see these laws don’t always apply to them. However, you will find the Three Laws of Liberalism apply universally to die-hard Liberal practitioners around the world.

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