New Christmas

We lost Christmas.

“Holidays” have replaced Christ. Excitement at the birth of one who will save us all from death has faded. The stories of exultant angels singing to an audience of shocked lowly shepherds, are largely forgotten. Gift baring magi and tales of Bishop Nicholas of Myra’s generosity have mutated into self-serving shopping frenzies dominated by a fat creature of the north, and his masses of supernatural elves and reindeer.

We can make the best of this situation.

No longer do we have societal pressure on how we celebrate Christmas. Our society celebrates “Holidays”, so feel free to celebrate “Christmas” in a more fitting way. Celebrate a new Christmas, and leave behind the one of the last 100 years.

First, Christ’s birth should be celebrated through song. We know the angels of heaven celebrated the first one that way. As God said, “For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me.” Celebrate Christmas through song.

Be selective about your choice of songs for our new Christmas. True Christmas carols center around Christ, his teachings, his life, and his victories over death and hell. Surely this is what those angels sang about in the presence of the shepherds.

Second, give as Christ gave. Christ spent all his recorded life giving gifts that could never be reciprocated. He taught people that could never teach him. He removed leprosy from the maimed. He gave sight to those blind from birth. He gave love to those who only knew hate and loathing. He gave without getting.

So give for new Christmas. Focus on giving to those who can never return the gifts. Give to friends. Comfort strangers. Love those who hate.

Third, let the world know the stories of Christ’s birth. They are filled with fulfillment of ancient prophesies and promises. Miraculous events surrounded the birth. Also, share the glorious stories of 2000 years of Christmas. Tell of enemy soldiers sharing a night of love and peace in World War I. Tell of random acts of kindness. And, tell of Christ who championed this behavior.

Let our society celebrate the “Holidays” and enjoy our new Christmas. Christmas is what we make of it.

We lost Christmas. Long live new Christmas!

Illegal to Grow Crops in Utah with Rainwater

I recently attended a two-day Utah Division of Water Rights certification class. I was distressed to discover the antiquated state of Utah’s water rights regulations. Just to give an example, …

According to the Utah Division of Water Rights, it is illegal in the state of Utah to grow crops with water that falls as rain on your land. Yes, I did ask for clarification on this regulation, and it is the last question on the recorded two day session if you want to go verify that the answer from the Assistant State Engineer was indeed that using rain that fell on your land and soaked in to grow crops is illegal according to the Utah Division of Water Rights. (I also learned that nearly any water-usage can be made legal if you have enough money, by the way.)

This sounds like a regulation/law you’d find in a Jonathan Swift novel or the writings of Voltaire, not the modern laws of Utah. It amazes me that people that would have no problem explaining the “Velocity of Money” have no idea that the same applies to water, and have made rules that prohibit regenerative technologies like Permaculture, Gray Water usage, and Sustainable Agriculture from being applied in Utah.

Not only do most Utahns not know of these rules, I’m sure they would be shocked to learn of them.

Making Sense of Liberals

Liberal values are the PC culture. Universal Tolerance. Free Love. Equal Rights. Big Caring Governments. All-Knowing and Highly Paid Educators.

We are surrounded by Liberal values. The government embraces them. Main stream media evangelizes them. We all know them, because we grew up seeing Liberal values progressively permeate society.

Conservatives are worried by Liberals, though. Conservatives keep saying Liberals’ decisions on what they love and hate make no sense given their stated value system. Once the Three Laws of Liberalism are understood, the seeming contradictions fade away.

Think about the following seeming contradictions.

  • Why would Liberals that claim to value women’s rights embrace  Muslim groups and countries that demand women be treated as second-class-citizens and not as equals to men?
  • Why would Liberal organizations that demand tolerance, support riots and pay for violence over Conservative laws and Conservative officials being elected?
  • Why would Liberal groups that scream about Bush’s waterboarding, stand up for Castro and Saddam Hussein who ripped people’s bodies to pieces, torturing them them to death?
  • Why would Liberal organizations that spend millions (maybe billions) of dollars protecting lives of a handful of convicted mass murders … because all life is sacred, … praise the snuffing out of hundreds of millions of innocent unborn children’s lives?

The list of seeming contradictions in Liberal mentality seem to go on and on. Any Conservative can add other contradictions to the above list.

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Google to Determine Truth

Google has announced it will start punishing “Fake News” sites by refusing to display ads on their articles. Google made this announcement after the 2016 USA election did not go the way all the Main Stream Media announced it would. Google and other liberal companies publicly blame the major news networks’ failure to get their candidate elected on third-party news sites. They are certain they can have their political way, if they can only shutdown any non-approved news outlets.

So the question is, Will Google punish NBC, CNN, and other sites for presenting skewed/fake polling data? You know, multi-million-dollar fake news sites that function as propaganda outlets for certain political parties? The “real” news sites that present skewed polls intentionally to get voters to vote the way everyone else supposedly is voting?

Not likely.

So, if Google’s employees don’t like your news, or find it inconvenient, you can expect to be labeled “fake” and have your advertising revenue cut. Google should be warned that MicroSoft played games like this ten years ago, and now they lost their main OS monopoly to an upstart OS called Android. Google may find itself marginalized (along with their OS and search engine) if it steps on enough consumer toes.

Many disgruntled Internet users are suggesting the use of instead of Google as a boycott of Google’s censorship efforts. I’ve found myself using duckduckgo more often these days, too.

Socialism Destroyed Venezuela

Those familiar with South America are familiar with the plight of Venezuela. Venezuela is one of the most resource-rich countries in the world. Just over a decade ago, it was the envy of the emerging markets.

Then the people fell for Socialism. Everyone likes free stuff, and Socialism offers lots and lots of free stuff. Taking money from people through taxes isn’t really stealing. After all, everyone—especially the wealthy—should pay their fare share.

Venezuela elected a socialist government. The socialist government proceeded to do what socialists always do when they get power. They started taking other people’s stuff in hopes of giving away more free stuff to their voters.

As they say, “The only problem with Socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s stuff to give away.”

That’s exactly what happened. Venezuela, the envy of the Spanish speaking world, managed to go bankrupt giving away everything they could take.

Politicians love socialism. It turns out to be a perfectly legal way of buying votes. No government in the world declares voting when you’re on the government dole a conflict of interest, so voters around the world get bribed by socialist politicians to vote for more Socialism.

Of course, you can’t spread Socialism if people realize how badly it turned out for Venezuela, Italy, Greece, and even **gasp** Nazi Germany. So the propaganda machines spun up to tell everyone that Venezuela isn’t all that bad off.

My favorite propaganda piece came out today, criticizing anyone who would characterize Venezuela as having Hyperinflation. According to the official government numbers, they only have 70% inflation this year. That isn’t hyperinflation, so things aren’t so bad in Venezuela.

Um, … The official number might be 70% this year, but they have a history of playing with numbers so socialism doesn’t look bad. Last year, the official number was 68%, but a little math showed the real number to be around 800%.

Do a little math. If a gallon of milk cost $3 and you get hit with an annual inflation of 800%, in one year that $3 gallon of milk becomes $24, but by the end of year two, guess what? That $3 gallon of milk is now $192.

Most of my liberal-socialism-loving friends still don’t think that things could be that bad in Venezuela. It’s just more conspiracy theories by those nutty Republicans. 70% official inflation is nowhere near the 12,000% threshold of real hyperinflation. After all, it’s not like Venezuelans needs wheelbarrows of money to buy groceries, right?

It might be worth noting, Bloomberg is reporting today that Venezuelans have stopped counting cash and now weigh the piles necessary to buy items.

No, they don’t need wheelbarrows, yet. Long live socialism!

Seriously, … every Democracy or Republic should pass a law that only allows people paying more in taxes than they get in handouts from the government to be allowed to vote. If you don’t eliminate this voting-yourself-other-people’s-money, we’re going to see every Democracy or Republic eventually fall to the fallacy of Socialism.

Acorns as Food

It doesn’t take a keen eye to spot the massive bur oak acorns next to regular sized acorns.

Acorns make great prepper food, because most people have no idea how to make acorns edible. Almost no one looks at an acorn and thinks “food!” That’s because they aren’t edible until they’ve been processed properly.

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Democrat Corruption

Here’s my absolutely favorite quote of the week …

“They’re so absurdly corrupt and villainous that simply reporting on their actual behavior makes you sound like a fringe nutcase in an aluminum foil hat.”

Matt Walsh gave this quote while describing the Clinton Campaign and Democratic Party corruption outlined in recently leaked emails (Oct 2016.) Of course traditional news outlets like NBC and CNN don’t report any of the insanely outlandish conspiracies the Democrat leadership admits to in their emails. The regular news outlets ignore the truth–refusing to report it–and then claim the media is all slanted towards Conservatism. Pretty ironic that most liberals fall for that line, but they do.

I like the quote, because it describes what conservatives and preppers have been up against for many years. We warn people about the consequences of their behavior or lack of planning and we instantly become cooks. Then when we’re proven right, the same naysayers say, “It doesn’t matter anyway,” or we’re told we’re conspiracy nuts when we point to proof of what we said being true. Vindication doesn’t get us any relief from the hate and name calling we have to put up with constantly.

Most (not all) of the hate and finger pointing preppers and conservatives endure comes from liberal Democrats. Their leaders convince them that all is well and anyone that says otherwise is a liar or crazy. Then to keep their minions in line, the liberal leadership shouts, “Look! Global Warming, … or … Look! Evil Rich White Male!” And most liberals fall for it. Life is easier when you can believe you’re not the source of many of your own fears and problems.

Meanwhile, WWIII gets closer and the biggest economic crash sneaks up on us without most of the mindless masses having any idea what’s really going on. I’m a conspiracy nut for discussing either of them, now. And once they’re recorded history, “It won’t matter anyway.”


Big, Fat, Ugly Bubble

Whether you like or hate Trump, anyone who follows finances should realize how true it was when he spoke about the current economic bubble.

Typical politician. All talk, no action. Sounds good, doesn’t work. Never going to happen. Our country is suffering because people like Secretary Clinton have made such bad decisions in terms of our jobs and in terms of what’s going on.

Now, look, we have the worst revival of an economy since the Great Depression. And believe me: We’re in a bubble right now. And the only thing that looks good is the stock market, but if you raise interest rates even a little bit, that’s going to come crashing down.

We are in a big, fat, ugly bubble. And we better be awfully careful. And we have a Fed that’s doing political things. This Janet Yellen of the Fed. The Fed is doing political — by keeping the interest rates at this level. And believe me: The day Obama goes off, and he leaves, and goes out to the golf course for the rest of his life to play golf, when they raise interest rates, you’re going to see some very bad things happen, because the Fed is not doing their job. The Fed is being more political than Secretary Clinton.

Sadly, he’s dead on about that one. The amazing part is that many news outlets (like the Rolling Stone and the Clinton News Network) don’t see the impending international economic disaster unfolding. All I can say is, keep your eyes on Deutsche Bank.

Destroying Humanity Through Dependency

Once upon a time there was a little robin. Every morning she’d wake up early and go find worms for her chicks in the nest. She had three very hungry chicks, and her husband had been eaten by a cat, so this little robin had to feed not only herself, but all three of her young chicks.

Feeding chicks takes all her time.

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Edible Nitrogen Fixing Trees

As a prepper, I’ve been getting more into permaculture and how it can reverse desertification. A healthy “food forest” is useful in situations where food cannot be found at the grocery store. Healthy land produces better gardens and orchards, and permaculture encourages healthy land.

Much of the world has experienced expanding deserts while losing grasslands and forests. The Great Basin has experienced desertification on a massive scale over thousands of years. The Great Basin contained one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, surrounded by forests filled with wildlife. Lake Bonneville, as the lake is called, was bigger than many modern countries. Now all that remains is the Great Salt Lake, salt flats, deserts, and some forested mountains.

Goumi berries (//

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