Federalist Intro: So what?

Kings kill people for speaking their mind. Kings kill people for protesting. Kings kill people for not believing in God. Kings kill people for believing in science. Kings take anything they want for any reason. Kings created slavery and enforced it around the world. Kings use gruesome tortures, not even seen in horror movies, to get confessions from innocent men, women, and children.

A group of imperfect men believed free and educated people could rule instead of kings. The United States of America sprung into existence as a great experiment in ruling a nation without kings.

Governor Clinton of New York wanted kings. New York State had enough power and influence to get kings instead of free people to rule the USA. The Governor of New York decided to get rid of the laws of freedom. No one could stop Governor Clinton.

In response to Governor Clinton’s attempt to get a king for the USA, I posted 85 blogs explaining the benefits of living without kings. I explained the newly written US Constitution to the 99%

Because normal people understood the Constitution, Governor Clinton failed to destroy freedom. It only took 85 posts.

Here, I intend to repost those same blogs, translated into modern English and modern thought. Please repost and link at will.





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